AAUW Berea hosts a number of events every year! Our most well-known event (and most anticipated) is the Annual Book Sale, hosted on Berea College campus. Proceeds from the Book Sale go towards funding scholarships for High School and College Seniors and their educational pursuits!

Other annual events for AAUW Berea include their a Brunch With Authors event, which sees a number of diverse authors come and talk about, and celebrate their work over a delicious meal and other meetings, talks, and roundtables to create knowledge about and support for women and women’s leadership roles in our community.

Beyond this Branch, AAUW offers its National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) where hundreds of college women come together to network and take part in leadership trainings. Additionally, every year AAUW Branches in the state of Kentucky come together for the Annual State Conference, and participate in a smaller, but equally impactful meeting of like minds and hearts. Conference dates can be found on the state and national pages. Tab these links for more information in the future!