Our Founding

The Berea chapter of the AAUW was founded in 1960 by several prominent women in the Berea community. Many of these women had been previous members of the AAUW in other locations and chose to start this chapter up because they saw the need for it in Berea.

The earliest members were women who fought for women’s equality. These activists made it possible for women to compete in athletic events at the college and sent people from the Berea community to the 1965 Civil Rights March from Selma, Alabama. 

The AAUW has always been a place for intergenerational joy, community-building, and connection as well though. A vibrant and supportive community of like-minded women has sprung up out of hard work and a commitment to educating women for decades.

We uphold their ongoing legacy for equality and education with our current scholarships and fundraising initiatives to support women in education.